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Winners of 2020 BVDzero Case Awards

We announced the winners of the 2020 BVDzero Case Awards. This biennial initiative reflects our long-term commitment to promoting health and well-being of farm animals.


This year’s BVDzero press conference and award ceremony took place virtually on May 25, 2020. The award winners have been selected by the BVDzero Committee, consisting of renowned external experts in the field of bovine health, during an online meeting.

We provided a total prize of 15,000 euros for the top 10 clinical cases entered. Around 30 submitted cases included submissions from the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Jordan, Turkey and South Korea.

The authors of the top five winning cases had the opportunity to present their submissions during the online press conference. They accepted their prizes from Prof. Volker Moennig, Head of the BVDzero Committee.

Through the BVDzero Case Awards, we aim to keep encouraging the search for both clinical and subclinical cases of BVD in cattle herds. The company believes that such events will help increase BVD awareness and, as a result, help reduce its prevalence.

The top 10 clinical cases were as follows:

1.         Magdalini Sioukiouroglou (UK)

2.         Paul Crawford (UK)

3.         Laura Donovan (UK)

4.         Hans Verweij (NL)

5.         Laura-May Canonne (FR)

6.         Nikki Moore (UK)

7.         Niels Geurts (NL)

8.         Sameeh Abutarbush (JO)

9.         Rebecca Gay (UK)

10.       Anne-Cécile Thirion (FR)


We plan to continue this initiative in the future.