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Nigeria: Detection of Antibodies to BVDV in Cattle Presented For Slaughtered at Sokoto Metropolitan Abattoir

  • S.M. Bello, Umar M. Chafe, Aminu Ibrahim Daneji, Mikaeel Abubakar


A seroprevalence study was carried out on serum samples obtained from blood of cattle slaughtered at Sokoto metropolitan abattoir, Sokoto, Nigeria. Systematic random sampling was used to select the animals. Serum samples of 372 cattle of different sexes and breeds were analyzed using ID Screen ® BVD p80 Antibody Competition ELISA Test kit for the presence of bovine viral diarrhea antibodies. Two hundred and forty seven (247), representing 66.39% of the samples, were found positive for the antibodies against bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV). More female animals appeared to have BVDV antibodies than the males (p<0.05). Sokoto Gudali breed of cattle recorded the highest number of positive cases of BVDV (p>0.05). The result of this research suggests that there is an existence of BVDV within the study area and that the spread of the BVDV antibodies seems to cut across sex and breed of cattle within the state. It is suggested that virological research on BVDV should be carried out in the state.