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Incidence of BVD PI Cattle In USA Doubles

Active testing program allows producers to remove disease sources while improving herd health and lowering medicine use.


Animart LLC announced a doubling in the incidence rate of animals persistently infected (PI) with bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) this summer versus last summer, according to an announcement.

Over the months of June and July, Animart said its Animal Profiling International (API) diagnostic lab reported that 200 animals tested positive for PI BVD, compared to 100 in 2018. Of the 73,349 samples screened, the incidence rate was 0.27%, compared to 0.14% the prior year.

This new trend may indicate an important opportunity for producers to identify and remove PI BVD animals in an effort to improve herd health and profitability, the company explained.

BVD is present in 10-25% of cattle herds in the U.S. According to the Center for Epidemiological Research and Oklahoma State University, herds with BVD can experience an annual loss of $54 per dairy cow, $30 per beef cow, $45 per feedlot animal, for a total industry impact of $1.54-2.59 billion, Animart said.

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