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Fertility Focus: Lessons from a large-scale Jordan dairy

Ian Roper, 13 June 2017


Vet Ian Roper worked on a start-up dairy unit in Northern Jordan during 2015-16. In this article, he discusses what five key things UK dairy farmers can learn from their fertility management:

  1. Placing the highest degree of importance on ration consistency and attention to detail in maximising intakes
  2. The advantages of milking and feeding more than twice a day
  3. The willingness to invest in controlled breeding – not just for problem cows
  4. Focusing on cow comfort and reduction of stress
  5. An all-encompassing infectious disease control strategy (Some of the challenges in Jordan is the same farmers face in the UK – BVD, IBR and leptospirosis are all potential threats, among many others.).

The unit he worked at in northern Jordan was aiming to milk 3,000 Holstein-Friesian cows four times a day through a 52:52 rapid-exit parlour.

jordan dairy cows in yard